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Providing C-level services for professionals and businesses who need a strong advantage.

"I've been fortunate to work with many types of people and businesses.  I believe I can provide value to many when given the right information and goals.  However, I have come to learn where my skills and talents thrive best.  I also choose to work for those who are committed to doing better."


Attorneys and Law Firms

It doesn’t matter if you just passed the bar or have been a partner at a top law firm for years, you need to BRAND YOURSELF. And, if you do own a law firm, BRAND THE FIRM.

According to a Google Consumer 2017 survey, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine.

Lawyer branding is essential today because the decision to retain you, rests largely on how you are presented and perceived online.

There are some business owners and emerging leaders that require a personal brand. It’s the anchor that is leveraged to give them the credible visibility to attract their target audience.

The advantages of an authentic, consistent and well-developed personal brand are numerous. From easier access to media interviews, attracting investors and/or ability to broadcast messages on social media platforms.


Business Owners and Emerging Leaders


Creatives and Micro - Influencers

Creatives and Micro-Influencers create a personal brand organically, but have difficulty converting that to a profitable business. This is when a strategy is lacking.

For Micro-Influencers who are an advertising medium, they need to understand how to monetize (their blog, their instagram, etc.).

For creatives, the ability to share your work with others can only happen if you can continue to do so. You have to invest back into your art/talent with sales.

About Maryrose

My #March4ward began as a personal journey of transformation that became a way of being and working. I now understand that my inherent motivation for continuous learning and growth is the foundation of who I am…progress IS perfection. With integrity, a positive leadership style and work ethic; I challenge the status quo and inspire others to reach their full potential. I choose to be part of the solution to a problem and thrive on finding a win-win-win.

I’ve worn many hats, crossed different functions, experienced a variety of industries - such as military, government and Fortune 100-500 companies. I’ve experienced a plethora of personalities who functioned in Board level, C-level and Executive roles. I am a content creator, a public speaker, social marketing maven, witty wordsmith, business intelligence analyst, relationship guru and Shakespeare festival-awarded thespian.

I have a passion for exploration which compels me to travel across the globe when given the opportunity. Sometimes, that travel is close to home, like the ultimate 8-week cross-country road trip I once accomplished!

About Maryrose

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I am an integrated left and right brain thinker with a passion for helping others, I fully embrace and love my role as the WOMAN behind the brands making an impact. It’s my job to make others look, sound and feel good about what they are putting out into the world.

I’m in a place in my professional career where I choose to work with heart-centered personal and business brands; those committed to making a positive impact in their area of expertise. Currently, three niches have come 4ward: Attorneys/Law Firms, Business Owners/Emerging Leaders and Creatives/Micro-Influencers.

I love that I am able to apply both creative and pragmatic thinking to solutions I customize for my clients as it relates to brand strategy, business development and creative marketing.

A graduate of the University of San Diego, I live in my hometown but, keep myself nomadic. I am an Auntie to 11 nieces and nephews and a #DutifulDaughter to my aging parents. My lifestyle prioritizes my health and wellbeing, being accessible to family and doing work that leaves a positive footprint in the lives of one and/or many.

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